I have a few names, but Candace works best here. Mom is too personal, and “Hey You” just doesn’t seem like enough. I am one of those lucky people who gets to wake up every day to a new adventure. Some days start with oatmeal and pjs while my kids run wild through the yard, and others begin with me packing up equipment and my co-shooter Matt so we can go celebrate with beautiful people who are wildly in love.

I have this lifestyle and wedding photography business that I love dearly, but I also work with commercial photography and print media graphic design under Bumble & Vine Creative. Two totally different styles and purposes but both make my heart happy. So happy in fact that I combined the two into a wedding magazine focused on couples and wedding vendors right here in Saskatchewan! So if you are planning your wedding right now, or have a friend who is about to start, please know that we are here to help! And they can follow along at Details, a Saskatchewan wedding  magazine.

So that’s pretty much it. It’s a dream. My dream. And I’m thankful every day for the clients and friends who allow me to do the things I love most – work at being the best photographer and human I can be!