Wow it’s been a while since I sat here to write. I don’t like taking time for business if I have edits on the go, and in the fall it seems like that’s all I have on my plate. I say that with love and appreciation, I should add.

Mental health is on my mind as we go into the darkest days of the year (less sunlight means less vitamin D production) during the stressful holiday season packed with family obligations and expectations and the kids are at home for two weeks. It’s the perfect storm for those of us who struggle with keeping ourselves on even footing and I’m trying to stay ahead of the chaos before it overwhelms. I am failing a little there but staying above water!

Business was amazing this year. I have so many new friends and clients to thank for that, and am hoping to carry that energy and growth into 2020 (can you believe we’re even talking about the year 2020 in terms of days and not years away!?). We have hit our stride here as a two-photographer wedding team (say hello to Matt), and built up our equipment to give us multiple backups and options in each situation. That makes your wedding day stress free (for us), and when we can relax and have fun, the focus is on you and your loved ones!

We have hired on a part time photo sorting and culling helper (say hello to Judy) and we’re nearly through working out the kinks in the new process. This means that next year should see much faster turn around times – can we get a big cheer!?! It’s something that has been needed here for a long time, but with small kids it’s been tough to organize the transfer of duties. With 2019 coming to a close we have it figured out!

On a personal note we’ve made huge strides this year with our kids. Chase was diagnosed with ADHD and amid the research I was doing to be a better parent to him, I realized that I am the parent he inherited it from. In a giant flashing neon lights kind of way. I have no idea how I have made it this far without a diagnosis, but it has been an eye opening and incredible few months of adjustments. Most surprisingly it has brought us so much more happiness than expected. We have new medications and new daily routines and to my surprise they are helping us be better together – the goal in every family, right!? What started as a journey of fear and hesitation has been one of freedom for all of us.

This all contributes to the delicate balance that is our mental health, and the ups and downs have been intense some weeks. Going into Christmas we’re taking time to relax and enjoy time together and we hope you will be too!