Love is the farm you grew up on, the dirt roads you ran barefoot on and the cool water of the lakes where you chased away the burning hot Saskatchewan sun. Love is the family that raised you and gave you a home in this world. Love is connections, and moments with best friends and first loves at concerts and inside high school hallways. Love is leaving home to make new friendships and relationships, forging your own way in this world. And love is finding someone who sees you for who you are, and adores you the way you love them too. Love is all of these things and so much more, as threads pulling together in the fabric of who we are today. Love is your story.

Your wedding day is a celebration of this love. Of two stories that join together to share life’s twists and turns. We want to document your wedding day as it unfolds, to tell the story of your day – the laughter, those stolen moments and even the tears – the real moments you’ll remember as the years pass and your family grows. That’s what we value. The human connection and stories.

2023 dates are still available for Saskatchewan and Alberta weddings; Full day wedding coverage starts at $3000

A beautiful sun setting on a Saskatchewan couple in love taken at Val Marie, Saskatchewan.
A Saskatchewan couple laughing together as the sun sets of their wedding day. Taken in Val Marie, Saskatchewan.