One day you will see that what you thought was the end, was only the beginning.

Some couples see their wedding day as the end of their engagement and the start of married life, but when you step back to look at the story of your love it’s only one day. Nothing really changes, but yet everything is different after your wedding day – confused yet? You’re not alone. It’s common to feel all kinds of emotions from sadness or grief to excitement when a milestone like your wedding day ends. You’ve dedicated hours of your time and focus together, and when all of that buildup and excitement is gone many people feel differently than they expected and this can carry forward to how your married life begins. Having this knowledge before your wedding day can help you be aware of how you are feeling when the honeymoon buzz wears off, so be sure to schedule a few honest check-ins with someone you can talk to in the weeks following your wedding date.

The thing to remember is that your wedding day is a cementing of your partnership. Your team. You’re still the same two people you were the day before; there’s no magic transformation in you or your dynamic as a couple, but you’ve made a vow to stand together going forward and we’re wishing you all of the wonderful things this world has to offer!

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