People change, right? Our style changes, as well as our personalities and taste (looking at you black & silver living room decor from 20 years ago).

Well as a photographer, I have grown and changed over the past six years. More than a set style, I want my pictures to make you feel something. Through the years that has meant different things to me, so when I’m feeling nostalgic I look back through sessions past to see how we have all changed through the years.

Something hit me this week though: I wondered how my images from then would look if I were to edit them in the styles I love and create today? Bam!! Bumble’s Second Glance was born! It will be a new recurring feature showing images from the past with a twist of today’s style. If you see one of your images featured and love the alternate look, send a message and I will make sure you get a copy! And if you have an image from sessions past that you adore and would love to see freshened up please say hello!

Second Glance Edit

Original and #editsecondglance