This season of my life has been more challenging than I dreamed it would be. That’s not a complaint. My life is good – amazing husband, two beautiful kids, a comfortable home and a career that I love, but underneath it lately there is a wave of emotion I can’t seem to control. A realization that time has slipped away and I miss so much of my old life. Old friends and family, past hobbies, high school hangouts and people who shaped the person that I am today. I feel a deep longing for all those once familiar things that have fallen out of my life despite being happy and grateful for everything I have here and now. It’s not sadness, but it is hard to put into words.

It could have been the loss of our big gentle hound dog, it might be the season itself with our cold days and extended darkness. With my birthday a few weeks away it could be that this is just a part of the way things are at this age and stage of life. It’s a milestone year for our high school graduating class, and that could be the catalyst. I don’t know. I do know that the few handfuls of pictures I have from those years don’t show nearly enough of the friends and family I want to remember right now, especially my dad. When you get your digital images downloaded, please print them out. There’s nothing quite like holding them in your hands while the memories play out. Especially if your digital storage fails!