What are you looking for in your wedding photographer? In your wedding photos? Are you hoping to document the day as it unfolds or do you have a list of picture perfect shots with all faces forward? What about the edits on the final images… do you love the light and airy style or the grainy ones full of drama and emotion?

There are so many photographers to choose from and questions like these will help you narrow down the one who fits best with your personality and style. Each of us approaches the day differently and since we’re going to be side by side from the moment your dress goes on until your first dance, you’ll want to be sure you like me personally as much as you like my style.

If you knew me years ago you would be surprised to find me passionate about weddings and all things surrounding love. Through the years I’ve witnessed some truly great love stories in this world and those beautiful people have brought me to this amazing place in my work. I am so surprised to be here but I couldn’t think of anything I love to do more. I spend my days with couples who are wildly in love and celebrating with the people they care about most in this world – how special is that!? Each couple and wedding is unique and perfect, and I feel honoured to be the one chosen to tell their story.

If I look back through my favourite images, very few of them include someone looking straight at the camera. They are of couples lost in each other and living in the moment. Those pictures show movement and emotion, and you can feel it when you look at it. Those are the images I want to give you. The ones that take you back to your wedding like it happened yesterday where you’re breathing each other in and there is no one else in this world. I don’t pose couples, but prefer to guide and prompt them to interact together. I want us to have fun while we document your wedding, enjoying every adventurous minute of it. Most of all I want to ensure our goals for your photos are the same.